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Welcome to Hope Rescue

We are a small rescue based in Derbyshire and after witnessing how bad the Romanians mistreat and slaughter stray dogs we made it our mission to save as many of these poor animals as possible.


What We Do

We rescue dogs from the streets, the killing pound and generally wherever they need rescuing from.

Every dog that comes into our care is spayed/neutered, vaccinated and fed daily. We work hard to achieve the possibility of a decent life for each of our dogs and with the help of people like you we provide much needed emotional support to rebuild their trust. When first admitted to the shelter dogs are generally extremely malnourished and often in need of urgent veterniary care. We ensure that this is provided and that each dogs individual needs are met.


Please help us by spreading the word! Post updates on facebook and twitter and please keep posting links direct to our donate page! Our dogs need your help today!