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Daisy Doo

Daisy with the Vet


Daisy Doo was attacked in the public shelter by a pack of dogs and her wounds which were considerable were not treated. She was seen and rescued by Rudi Hofman of Turbopet who are currently looking after her. We are paying for her treatment and foster fees and have already paid for  her prep so she can travel to the UK when she is well enough. Rudi tried his best to sew skin over the wounds but necrosis of the skin had already  set in so that failed. She now has medicated bandages changed daily and is on an intensive course of antibiotics and the prognosis is that she will  eventually recover but will have massive scar tissue that will leave her with no fur on both sides of her body so will have to wear a coat permanently. She is such a brave doggie and has touched our hearts and we just had to help save her.

To see the full extent of Daisy Doo's injuries and watch her recovery process please view the gallery below - WARNING! THESE IMAGES WILL UPSET YOU - IF EASILY UPSET OR OFFENDED PLEASE DO NOT VIEW THEM.